Friday, 8 November 2019

Bikes and Swimming in Week 4!

The sun has been out in action and so have we!

This week we did bikes with Aroha 15. It was great to see all of us trying to bike ride especially those who were not confident. A huge thank you to Whakapono 24 students who spent their afternoon helping us!

The pool is open! Woohoo we were all very excited to get back into the pool and show each other how confident we have all gotten. Miss Zinck was very impressed with how many of us brought our togs and how we were confident to go under water. 

Lastly congratulations to Adam and Vaioleti who got classroom awards and also All of Aroha 4 who got best class award

Marae Trip

Kia Ora Whanau!

Check out our photos of our day trip to the Marae. We did 4 activities;
- Marae history- we learn't new stories about the ancestors of the marae
- Marae etiquette- do's and don'ts when in the kitchen area
- Ta moko-  where students got to have one on their face
- Waiata- we learn't a new waiata with actions

Friday, 25 October 2019

Shapes- 2D/ 3D

This week we are looking at shapes! 2D and 3D! Can you join us on our journey of exploring shapes?
At home you can help us spot the different shapes in the household. Comment and let us know what type of shapes you recognise!

Have an awesome weekend :)